Rez Burna, born Reuben Perez McCon, has been working hard on creating his own lane. He released his debut mixtape Burnapocalypse in September of 2010. He followed with the powerful single “Supercali” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, and is only getting better with each new song he writes. Rez’s ability to write memorable hooks is evident from the first listen to any of his songs, and he aspires to write for pop and R&B artists.

“The artist that I’ve looked up to the most has to be Lil Wayne by far. I’ve heard a lot of people mention how they grew up on 2Pac or Biggie, but I grew up on the Hot Boys, Big Tymers, and No Limit Records. It’s one of my dreams to one day work with Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, and Mannie Fresh.”

In the end, it’s Rez Burna’s respect for the power of music that pushes him to create every day. It’s bigger than Hip Hop, and Rez knows that this is his destiny.

Brimming with confidence and talent, success shouldn't be a problem for Rez either.


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