Byrd really shows off his creative skills with this hit record "How You Feel". The turn up is about to be so real in the club. Grab your bottles, get your dough ready, cause this is an anthem that the stripper would go crazy too. While this tracks makes you wanna get your dance on and "Hit Dem Folks", the message in the song will make anybody want to change their ways for the better.

In this song Byrd speaks about working to get his money up, going ham when it comes to making it into the big league, accomplishing his goals, not really caring about how others feel, because he is not trying to get caught up in any type of mass destruction that will lead to a prison cell or even in a coffin. He has greater things to do with his time. If you have big dreams, new places to see, new people to meet, along with new things to experience, this right here is for you. Check this out and let's make it go viral.

Instagram: @yung__byrd__

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