New Music Release: Ching - "Against All Odds"

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Ching Bio

I grew up in New York and in Florida but I've spent most of my life in broward county, once down here I lived my teenage life in a place referred to as "doom city" aka park apartments in Deerfield beach. Often moving back and forth from there to pompano highlands, I graduated out of Deerfield beach high school. I got the name Ching when I was around 7-8 yrs old because one of my uncles would call me Chingwingding, obviously because I look Asian, Needless to say the name Ching stuck throughout my family and friends and that's what I'm known as. I've been writing poems and music for about 20 years, I've written over 400 songs/song covers over that time, I've had a poem published in a book also (in my teens). I didn't take music seriously until I was 18-19 and even then I had no focus I was also too busy being very immature. Since then I've had some success, opening up for Cory gunz and keith Wallace, also writing a few hooks for a couple of other people of whom I cannot say just yet to due to the songs not haven't been released as of yet.

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