Canada banned the "cosmetic" use of pesticides in 96 municipalities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The Connecticut state legislature recently Chemicals Companies in Chennai passed a bill that bans the use of pesticides on the grounds of primary schools. Connecticut is working to extend it further. It is a difficult fight against the big money of the chemical companies.

Modeled on a tactic of the tobacco companies, chemical companies have pushed through laws in 40 states specifying that no township or municipality can enact pesticide regulations stricter than those of the state as a whole. We cannot ban chemicals and pesticides from use on Long Island where I live. It would take a statewide law. We can only urge residents not to use chemicals and pesticides.

Increased odds of childhood leukemia, brain cancer and soft tissue sarcoma have been associated with children living in households where pesticides are used. Some inert ingredients are suspected carcinogens; others have been linked to central nervous system disorders, liver and kidney damage, birth defects, and some short-term health effects.-Attorney General's Office of New York. The use of household pesticides has been associated with a variety of childhood cancers. Switching to 7th Generation dish washing and laundry soaps and cleaning supplies will prevent more chemicals from draining into our water supplies.

The use of pesticides often harms wildlife and their habitats. Both dogs and cats are known to eat grass. There have been many cases of pets' deaths from lawn treatments. Commonly used lawn-care chemicals can persist in soil, the air we breathe and water for weeks, which can lead to the contamination of aquatic resources and local wildlife. In addition to contaminating surface water, pesticides can contaminate ground water, potentially causing health problems for people drinking it.

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