Paul Marz Interview 'Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan'

Paul Marz, a first generation Egyptian-American rapper, was born in Staten Island, New York. His love of hip-hop began at the early age of 8. He credits his sister, ten years his senior, for introducing him to hip-hop and artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Onyx, and Notorious B.I.G.  We linked up with Paul to talk about his new album 'Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan'.
How long have been your making music for?
I've been performing and recording music for the past 10 years.
I've been writing rhymes for over 15 years.
We heard you released a new album. Tell us more about it...
I've just released "Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan" (Nov 2018) . It was under construction for the past two years with producer J. Glaze. The reason I created the album was to share what I've learned about life, finding yourself and the game in general with fellow artists, friends and fans. I consider it a blueprint to unlocking your full potential.
What does Death of a Star mean?

Death of a Star in this case is the death of your ego. Often we see artists who love music and put their heart & soul into it when they start, only to get blinded by the bright lights and lose sight of their original goals and dreams. This occurs most often when artists start to see some money and fame. Those ego driven goals lead you on a path to death. It's either you kill the ego and rise, or follow it to your demise. 

What does Rise of a Titan mean?

Rise of a Titan is your end result when the "star" or "ego" dies. It's the potential that you unlock when you overcome your ego.

Give us a more info on Strength in Numbers....
Strength in Numbers was created with some of the battle rappers involved with iBattleTV. Becoming the co-owner of iBattle was part of my journey to "Rise of a Titan", an important part of that was building within the community and working with younger MCs. I wanted to showcase that energy on the project.
Give us some behind the scenes on Don't Give....
Don't Give was made in homage to my Egyptian heritage. In collaboration with Tamer W Michael, the goal was to create an arabic themed track.
Tell us more about Sleep Paralysis....
Sleep Paralysis is an account of a bizarre experience that I had in my early twenties. It was always clear in my memory, the track is just a rhyming recount of the experience.
What does project mean for you?
This project holds a great deal of importance to me, because through creating it, I was able to transcend through barriers that I wasn't even aware of. I hope to be able to share that with others
Tell us more about iBattle TV...
iBattle is a rap battle league that originated in Connecticut (2012) which was purchased by myself and two partners, Lexx Luthor & Matty J in 2016. As an MC I'm a huge fan and supporter of all things lyrical. I got involved behind the scenes of battle rap around 2012 and made it my purpose to help develop this under appreciated art. While most aspects of hip-hop have been suffocated by the mainstream grip, battle rap has fortunately continued to elude the greasy paws of corporate America. The average hip hop head doesn't fully understand the art of battle rap, and I know that because it took me time to understand it as well. When I attended my first event in 2012, it was a breath of fresh air to me in terms of a hip hop vibe and I was instantly hooked. Over time, I became involved financially and it seemed an appropriate business to get into given my background as an MC. Making my transition from artist to owner fairly smooth.
Where can people find the album?
Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan is available on all platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Google play etc..
Where can people find Paul Marz?

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