Simply Suade: New Single "I Can't Breathe"

Simply Suade 1

Today there are many black people losing the lives to police brutality. As a people we pray for our lives everyday as we watch the police get away with murdering unarmed people. All lives matter and it's time we put a stop to all of this violent killings. Recently we lost Freddie Gray, another brother from our community who did not deserve to be beaten to death while being arrested. As an Emcee Simply Suade refuses to remain silent, and decided to use his talent to bring awareness about these problems. He feels there are too many rappers both unsigned and mainstream rapping about money, cars, clothes, and hoes, instead of addressing the real problems we face everyday. He believes that if we do not use music to awaken the people that the world will get worse than what it already is. After all we deserve peace, unity, opportunity, and freedom after all the pain we as a people have already gone through. It's time for people to stop just wanting to be rappers for fame and become leaders who can bring forth change for everyone.

I Can't Breathe

Recently he dropped a hot new single called "I Can Breathe" to pay homage to Eric Garner and Mike Brown who were both murdered by police. In this song he spoke about one of us being the next Mike Brown or being put in prison, when we have the ability to live our dreams and be something greater. Killing each other is not the answer especially when we got the police killing us everyday, he encourages his people to put the guns down. It's time to come together and lift each other up because our parents don't need to be burying us. Simply Suade fears for his life everyday, and walks around disgusted because when the police kills us we get no justice, while a white man can show up a movie theater and walks out in handcuffs. He feels our president Obama promised us all change but everytime it's time for him to take a stand, you only see him on CNN voicing his opinions. When will we wake up as a people and say enough is enough? It's time for us to open up our eyes and realize that this not the way. Let's stop the crimes, so we don't have to be harassed by the police, and we having to mourn another life. We can do better people so let's make a change by doing something different today.

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