My heart was pounding heavily as I listened to my mother giving me the sad news over the phone. I kept hoping that I was in a nightmare, and I would wake up to find that nothing had changed in my life. After I hang up, I went and sat down near the fountain in school as I absorbed the shock. I could not understand why life had to play such a cruel trick on me. I tried to remember the last words that I had shared with my grandfather, and various memories began to flood my mind. I was in disbelief as I walked to the dorm rooms. This led me to search for assignment help for my academic documents.
Everything around me seemed to be at a standstill and operating in slow motion. When I arrived at my dorm room, I entered bed and went to sleep. When I woke up, a dull pain was rushing through my heart and body. I tried to work on some of my academic tasks to help keep my mind off the pain that was floating in my heart. I realized that I could not concentrate, and I needed academic help. I could not do much after learning about the death of my grandfather.

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