you didn’t miss something. You just need to go through some steps first.You get the shovel and pole vault as soon as Blathers comes for your metropolis. Blathers is an owl who plans to open a herbal museum for all of the critters that you acquire. To trap him on your island, you want to present insects and fish to Tom Nook. He will then call up the owl and say, “it’s Animal Crossing Items your cousin, Marvin Blathers! I’ve were given that new museum sound you’ve been looking for.” Once Blathers arrives,

talk to him and he'll provide you with recipes to build a flimsy shovel and a flimsy pole vault.The Island Designer device, meanwhile, comes even later. This is the Nook Phone app that allows you to edit the format of your island or to put down paved pathways. And you don’t get it till you roll credits on the game. To do so, you’ll want to accumulate your city till it’s attractive sufficient to attract the attention of the musical dog K.K. Slider.

Once Isabelle joins resident services, talk to her about island evals every day. Once you get to a high enough stage with the aid of constructing up the infrastructure of your village and including outdoors decor, K.K. Will come and placed on a concert. Following that live performance, you’ll get Island Designer. Keep in thoughts which you’ll additionally need to unencumber extra gear for island fashion designer by way of purchasing them from the Nook Stop.Here’s a fundamental guiding principle to live by using in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you locate yourself misplaced about what to do next, simply go have a communique with Tom Nook. His communicate alternative for “

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