Topeka Based Hip Hop Artist Sawab Jaleel Hazim is Ready to Indulge the Crowd with His Upcoming Single ‘Hateon'

Kansas, Entrepreneur and community servant and Hip Hop scholar, teacher, and performer Sawab Jaleel Hazim, affectionately known as SJ is creating substantial waves of social, cultural, and creative inspiration. His newest musical project, ‘I Pressed On’ includes the single ‘Hateon’ that is available for pre-order with an upcoming video leading the Charge in which a trailer has been released via social media and other locations. His eclectic interests have led him to be involved in various areas of the new cultural growth that the capital city of Kansas, Topeka, and the surrounding region are experiencing.
Sawab Jaleel Hazim’s latest project is called ‘I Pressed On’, a musical and thematic tribute to the various physiological dilemmas involving depression. The record comprises of 13 lyrically-enhanced songs that go into the explicit details about the experiences of love and loss. His creative arc has always shown cutting edge dynamics alongside a futuristic vision regarding his musical concepts and execution in his expressions as a creative artist. His vision, youthful expressions, and willingness to address his life through transparent thematic modules has been a game-changer in his career.
From performing with platinum artists such as Lil Wayne, Bone thugs, and a Harmony and Tech N9ne, he has switched his focus of using hip hop as a therapeutic outlet to inspire people, especially the introverts to come out of their shells and share with the world pieces of their journey as the press on through depression, love, and loss. He is the founder of Creative Pathways & Means, a Topeka-based company that produces films and documentaries.
The previous year, artist SJ was sought out by the Mayor of Topeka, Michelle De la Isla who is currently running for Kansas congressional District 2 to partner with her on a rap song describing the city’s progression. This was performed at her biggest local gathering of the year called “The state of the union. New sheriff, Tony Weingartner also reached out to team up with S.J. to perform a victory song for his campaign. This was performed on August 4th, 2020 when Tony beat out the interim Sheriff Brian Hill. In 2019, Sawab Jaleel Hazim was awarded social media influencer of the year from the economic development organization, Greater Topeka Partnership. He was also awarded 1 of 5 spots as a rising star award from the local newspaper Topeka Capital-Journal for his impact in the community. He also won an international award from iChange Nations™ by its Founder and President, Dr. Clyde Rivers For his community work.
Sawab Jaleel Hazim’s contributions to not just the scope of music but also to making his community emerge with proud shoulders have been identified and awarded time and again. Now it is his turn to return the favors through his interpretations of thematic hip hop modules and the new song ‘Hateon’ from his upcoming album, ‘I Pressed On’ is set the change the course of cultural and creative blends in the scope of hip hop and rap.

Pre-order his upcoming record at (

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