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The ever changing platform of music. By now most artist and indie labels should know streaming  is the major payout of music royalties. Downloads have decreased and consumers are looking more into streaming their favorite song off platforms such as spotify, tidal and apple music and more. Music Videos have also become a major source of streaming royalties for artist on platforms such as You Tube,Vimeo and Vevo. Millions of music fans around the world now are taking their music interest to TV streaming. Major artist have been taking advantage of this streaming backed by the Major labels.  We leveled out the playing field with our own Roku TV channel launch. TheReal92HipHop On Demand Live features music from indie artist and also live streaming radio station on TV. We place music videos and if an artist do not have one our design tech team will create a music visual spectrum of the song. Each artist will have small bio with social media info attached to artist where viewers can connect with artist via social media. Take your music to another level visit

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