Tyler James - Ball Forever (Music Video Release)

Tyler James is an artist from Webster City, Iowa. Many consider him a gifted multi-talent creating the new sound in R&B, Rap, & POP. Starting his professional career at 21, Tyler James recently released the music video for one of his records called “Ball Forever”. The video is a cinematic sneak peek into the lifestyle of the young artist who just wants to “Ball Forever”. His relatable lyrics & strong singing ability allows him to diversify his sound to create an aesthetically pleasing POP/RnB combination. “They ride waves. I create my own.”
“Ever since I was a young boy I always loved the game of basketball. I would always imagine myself in the prime-time moments of the biggest games. I’d stay up late watching my favorite player, LeBron James, and I would be in awe at how good he was at what he did. As far as music goes, I just want to be the best I can be. In order to do that I realize that I’ve got to be better than the man I was yesterday. We all have the chance to do amazing things. I just want to ball forever. That is one of the main things in life I will pursue.” The “Ball Forever” music video was shot by CashGang Films in the locations of Des Moines and Webster City, Iowa.

Watch "Ball Forever" Music Video Here

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