Indie recording artist Van Hechter promotes his new single in Florida.

"I Believe" is the name of the new track. It leaped back up seven spots on the Hits You Love Top 40 Pop Chart last week to land at Number 11. This is the follow up to the Number One Hit Single "Love Elastic."

Van Hechter remains active while dealing with the pandemic. He can't do shows, so he uses the media for visibility.

"I was told my songs 'Love Elastic' and 'I Believe' were playing in Miami. I figured I'd go check for myself. Since I can't do shows, at least I can be where I am liked at the moment. I'm getting press which is cool. Plus, I love when locals say hi." ~ Van Hechter

"I Believe" is expected to continue its upward trend. This movement enhances the possibility of consecutive Number One hit singles.

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