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For the gold-digging woman, there exists a real dilemma. Should I stay with this person or run to a new gold mine now that the old mine has run dry? Yet, if two people share intelligence, creativity and a sense of hard work, then the old mine can be replenished with gold from new opportunities. Imagine the shared satisfaction of weathering life's unpredictable storms together rather than suffer a loss of self-worth.

Come on women of America, dedicate yourself to the values of optimism, creativity, teamwork, dedication, and resourcefulness. Find a man with whom you share these values and build a partnership, which can accomplish great things. Do you really think that a business transaction will last 50 years? A few will, yet most grow apart just like many of our country's marriages. We have created a country where men and women have equal rights. Now is the time for equal responsibility.

It's awfully clear now that men and women communicate in different ways. If you have ever tried to tell a man how you're feeling, you'd know this is true. Most of the time, men don't know what to do, and just turn silent and shut down the whole conversation. As a dating coach, I know women get frustrated and I want to help you avoid this weird and frustrating situation from happening again.

Have you tried all kinds of different approaches to grow close with a man and have him back out every time you make a move?
Sometimes we have to chalk it up when men seem too cold, aloof, and don't know what he wants in a serious relationship. There are men who just want to stay casual forever without any reasons.


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