From the time he was young he always knew he had something to offer, something extra and as he got older he tapped into that creativity. This young aspiring artist always had a love for music, but it wasn’t until the end of High School that he really decided to put his all into creating and shaping his own sound. It was this passion that led him to the College of Institute and Audio Research where he studied the business side of the music world, wanting to know more about his career. R.I.C.O was always considered different. A little strange, a little weird, but it always worked to his advantage. He uses these traits to create a unique sound unlike any other artist on the market today, making it hard to brand what he does. R.I.C.O, nicknamed by his peers due to his smooth skills on the Mic and suaveness with the ladies, stands for Respect –Intelligence –Cynical and Outstanding; all outlining the traits that can be heard in his lyrics.

In 2009 R.I.C.O interned in the Publicity Department for the head publicist of Universal Motown Records, helping with numerous artists such as: Kid Cudi, Blue October, Asher Roth, Ryan Leslie, Birdman, and Busta Rhymes. However, he started to feel as though he were setting aside his dreams, it was then that he decided to put all his time and energy into his music and sound and thus came the birth of Fly Foreva Entertainment.

Truth or Dare ft. Ty-Major

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