Why Storing Your DNA For Your Future Is a Good Idea

Vientre de La Noche a la Manana 

Remember, the establishment would rather keep you staying ill and have to forever treat you (repeat business) than cure and lose a customer. Yes, those hoary old chestnuts self-interest and greed come into play once again.

The solutions on how to stay well are good natural organic dietary intakes staying well hydrated, exercise regularly, have a positive outlook on life avoid dwelling on the negative... and wherever you can avoid toxicity. As well as practicing these solutions keep yourself forever educated on health matters. The most important thing in your life is health.

Predicated on money orthodox medical health (the sickness industry) is controlled by the pharmaceutical corporations in conjunction with the government who rake in the revenues and control the mainstream media to quash, ignore or even unjustly ridicule any alternative competitors that undercut their business like those cheaper naturopathic alternatives... This occurs regardless of efficacy (effectiveness). The medical/pharmaceutical establishment would rather see more effective life-saving cheaper naturopathic alternatives destroyed than succeed. I have written extensively with specific examples on this.


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