In arguing against law of attraction as a valid principle, one 15 Minute Manifestation of the most frequently asked questions is: "If I create my own reality, why on earth did I create this"? Sometimes it is phrased: "I can't possibly be creating my reality because I never would have chosen this". Everybody wonders about this. This article explains how we create

We create the reality we experience by our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings create a tone or a vibration that acts as a magnet which draws to us more of the experiences or events that will give us more of the same thoughts and feelings. This has to be brief here because volumes and volumes have been written on the specifics of how we do it and how to control it. Our dominant vibration draws situations of like vibration to us. Most of the time we are creating from default. We are not consciously aware of what we are thinking or believing, and we are not making conscious choices for our preferences. 

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